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Sandwiches & Wraps
Served with Greek Potatoes. Substitute Soup, Salad or Onion Rings for $2

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King Gyros Wrap *(New)* $12.99 each
Thinly sliced lamb/beef gyros, hummus, rice, cucumbers & lettuce wrapped in Lebanese flatbread

Chicken Sandwich $10.99 each
Grilled or deep-fried chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese & served with lettuce, tomato & garlic mayo

Steak Hummus Wrap $10.99 each
Choice of spicy or regular with lettuce, tomato, onion, hummus, feta cheese & tender steak

Falafel Wrap $9.99 each
Falafel, hummus & lettuce with tahini sauce rolled in Lebanese flatbread.

Falafel Sandwich $8.99 each
Crispy deep-fried chickpea patties, served with tomatoes, onions, Greek potatoes & tahini sauce

Gyros $9.99 each
Shaved lamb/beef gyros served with tomato, cucumber, onion and choice of pita with side of yogurt sauce

Chicken Gyros $10.99 each
Choice of pocket or Greek pita bread served with sliced chicken, tomato, cucumber & onion

Twin Gyros $11.99 each
Best of both worlds! Sliced chicken gyro & seasoned lamb/beef gyros sauteed with onions, served in choice of bread.

Medi Changa $11.99 each
Choice of gyros, chicken or steak with rice & feta cheese wrapped in fried Lebanese flatbread, topped with nacho cheese sauce

Italian Beef Wrap $9.99 each
Thin slices of tender Italian beef, green peppers, red peppers & Swiss cheese wrapped in Lebanese flatbread
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