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Catering/Party Trays
More items available on the full catering menu. Please order at least 1 Day in advance for large Catering orders.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Gyros Tray $50.00 each
4 Lbs. of Lamb/Beef Gyros, Serves 10-15

Hummus Tray $35.00 each
3 lbs. of your choice of Hummus. Serves 10-20.

Greek Salad Tray $35.00 each
3 lbs.Serves 10-20 **Olives in salad may contain pits**

Shish Kabob Tray
10 Skewers Choose between Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Shrimp, Kufta, & Veggie

Greek Potato Chips Tray $25.00 each
Homemade thinly sliced Potatoes(like chips) with Garlic and Greek seasonings. Get the Garlic Mayo to dip in as well.

Tabbouleh Salad Tray $35.00 each
4 lbs. Serves 10-12

Baba Ghanoush Tray $35.00 each
3 lbs. Serves 10-20

Falafel Tray $20.00 each
1 Dozen Falafel

Spanakopita Tray $60.00 each
48 triangles of Spanakopita (spinach pies).

Rice Tray $28.00 each
Serves approx 10 people. 4 lbs.

Greek Pita Bread 10pc $7.00 each
Bag of 10 Full Slices

Lemon Garlic Pint $9.00 each
Pint of Lemon Garlic dip.

Tzatziki Pint $7.00 each
1 Pint of our cucumber, garlic yogurt.

Baklava Dozen $25.00 each
12 Walnut Baklava or Pistachio

Party Sampler - Serves 10 $199.95 each
Tray of Gyros(3lbs.), Tray of Rice(3 lbs.), Greek Salad, Tzatziki Sauce(Pint), Hummus (2 lbs), Chicken Kabobs(10), Pita Bread(10), Baklava(10)