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Lamb Specialties
Served with Choice of Soup or Salad

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Green Eggs & Lamb *(New)* $18.99 each
Half rack of lamb, two eggs sunny side up topped with jalapeno cilantro glaze. Served with Greek potatoes. ** Gluten Free **

Lamb Sliders $12.99 each
Three ground lamb patties topped with caramelized onions & roasted garlic boursin cheese, served with a salad or soup.

Lamb Feast $26.99 each
Half rack of lamb with lamb kabob, gyros & rice

Lamb Shank $17.99 each
Tender slowly baked lamb shank, carrots & green beans served over rice or couscous ** Gluten Free **

Lamb Rack Frenched $24.99 each
Half pound of tender lamb sizzling with onions, mushrooms & lemon-garlic served with rice or Greek potatoes ** Gluten Free **
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